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All you want to know about sex. Actually, more than you wanted to know. Be welcome!



  • Sex Toys

    All you want to know about sex toys. Or, may be, much more than you ever knew that was possible wanted to know. Be welcome!


Dildos, the most ubiquitous sex toy ever. Mostly shaped like a penis. Come in all kind of designs. Humans, animals, whatever. Perfect to quench sexual apetite.

Penis Add-ons

Your penis is nice but, it can be improve. It can be improved in many different ways. We can make it thicker, longer, spikier, we can give it more movement and, even, make it harder and hold its thirst.


Mechanical usage and autonomy of sex toys

Many different sex toys imply that there are many ways to manipulate them. Here you'll find a small description of different autonomies and mechanisms.

Sex toys design

The design of sex toys: a universe of options and possibilities. Which are the sources of inspiration to design sex toys? We explore general ideas y show particular examples.

Materials used to make toys for adults

What are the sex toys made of? We'll show, come and see!