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Didn't findthe colours you are looking for? Would you like to Personalized your Chaos Dildo.


Randomness being the essence, no two chaos beasts will be the same! It shall be a jumble of eyes, teeth, tentacles, fingers and whatnot, but you will not find any of these parts where you would expect them to be.

If you thought their genitals would look like any old penis, think again! We handpicked the Chaos creature with the most unique penis to replicate it. Genitals with an eye, a mouth, tentacles, fingers, dice... Can you spot them? (Hint, some of those will be visible in a future picture from another angle!)

Are you ready to embrace chaos?


Product info:

  • Colours:
    • Legendary: A ribbon-style shade of Willpower (GITD yellow/Orange), Lavender (Pastel Violet) and Titan (metallic) colour.
    • Heroic: Heroic: A ribbon-style shade of Pure Truth (GITD Green-Blue), Cosmic Pink (GITD Pink-Purple) and Love (GITD Green) colour.
    • Surprise: Made with random beautiful colours. You can let us know if you have any colour preferences, but we can not promise it will be kept.

Note: As most of the products are made after order, the final product colour may look slightly different compared to the example.


  • Firmness: This product comes with a default hardness medium (10A).


  • Weight: ~500g.


80,00 € Precio
72,00 €Precio de oferta
Impuesto incluido
    Los juguetes de Love Smiths están hechos de silicona curada con platino 100% segura para el cuerpo
    Los juguetes de Love Smiths contienen colorantes 100% seguros para el cuerpo
    Producción y embalaje ecológicos.
    Todos los productos de Love Smiths están hechos a mano
    Los juguetes de Love Smiths están hechos en Francia

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