The sexuality of fantasy folks: Our conception

Fantastic creatures originated within the European folklores serve as a source of ideas for our toys. Along the years, they have been taken and modified in all kinds of fantasy tales. Multitude worlds have been created, all kind of creatures described physical and psychically. However, in all these time, few wonder about an important part of their existence: how do they reproduce? Are they similar to humans or they are not?

Few people have focus their interest in the sexual appearance and behaviour of these creatures. Or, if they did, no records arrive at us. The common fantasy art which can be found nowadays, depict all these creatures with realistic human genitalia. But each of these creatures has their own characteristics. Their sexual organs should also reflect their own nature, distinctive from humankind.

To create our toys we expand each creature characteristics to its genitals. Thus, we use scales, spikes, wrinkles and protuberances and we play with the shape to give each toy a distinctive aspect. And not only aspect, as each has a different texture which is able to excite you and rising new sensations in its own way. Additional, far from using flat and uniform colours, we combine different pigments to provide attractive appearances, also related to the personality of each creature. Sparks, shades and mixtures increase the richness of the designs and giving each toy a singular touch. Definitely, we use the collective imagination to create unique toys with its own facet. The whole concept awakens new desires by exciting the imagination and creating new experiences of pleasure and sensuality.

We understand that humankind is diverse: what is good for someone isn’t necessarily good for another. So, we did a bit of research in human genitalia shape and size. Happen to be that penises and vulvae size are surprisingly variable. We use this information and design each toy taking the human shapes and sizes most close to our concept of the creature. Of course, at some point we went out of the real human standards, and there lies the fun.

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