Respect for the environment

We care about us but, also about our natural environment and the societies around us. Thus, we are producing hand-crafted fantasy sex toys in a different way than others to minimize out impact.

We are deeply committed to environment and earth. That’s why, we do our best to work with geographically-close enterprises to minimize our carbon footprint: most of the materials, tools and packaging stuffs come from local companies in our region. Only the silicone comes from outside Europe as, to our knowledge, there is none silicone industry here. After evaluating silicone from several suppliers, we choose among them the the one offering the silicone with the best properties. Additionally, we are working in ways of reusing waste materials ourselves instead of just send them to recycle.

Europe, and France, lack creativity in the fantasy genre as large companies focus in delicate designs. Moreover, they mostly produce their toys elsewhere (China), which means additional travels of goods around the world. Besides, the creation of fantasy sex toys is, until now, focused in USA. However, bringing them to Europe is more expensive and contaminant than making them here. We want to change this, designing and producing in Europe for you and for us.

Geographic situation of our suppliers and ourselves.

Furthermore, we take all precautions to stay safe and healthy. With respect to work, basically, no result worth any risk. Thus, we work in ventilated areas and handle raw materials as needed: gloves, goggles, masks, etc. Raw materials are stored carefully (not stacked up) and they are kept out of the way when they are nor needed. Finally, waste materials are properly divided according to different criteria: reusable, recyclable by us, recyclable (but not by us), etc.

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